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No cookies, fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR.

We don't use cookies, we don't store any personal data, and we don't track your users across websites.

Made and hosted in the EU 🇪🇺.

Track your Website Traffic.

We believe in easy to understand and actionable statistics. Know how your users know you and how they behave.

This is how traffic analytics should have always been.

Track your Website Traffic.

Not just bar or line graphs

Register and measure your events as you want. There is nothing better than a funnel to measure registration or sales!

Customize your Dashboard as you want

Your business, your rules. Customize the Dashboard to your liking and put the most important metrics for your business on top.

Visits, registrations, sales, deploys, whatever you want.

Experience Every Critical Moment in Real-time.

Track every important event in your product, receive notifications, and monitor potential issues.

You can even log error messages to see what's happening.

Experience Every Critical Moment in Real-time.

More than Just Traffic.

Stay on top of your product's important events, potential issues, and notifications with ease.

With our API you can track from logins or sign ups to deploys.

More than Just Traffic.

Seamless Integration.

Integrating is quick and easy. We provide easy to understand documentation for different frameworks. Usually is just a copy-paste process.

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